Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all individuals who are signing the document(s) must be available in person at the time of the notary service.
All signers must be present in person, and each signer must have proper photo identification. Bring all documents to the appointment.
Photo ID’s must be valid (not expired or temporary) and can be a CA driver’s license or non-driver ID (such as an identification card or Senior ID) from the CA DMV, or a passport.

Other forms of proper identification are noted below, however they must include a photo, signature, serial number, and physical description:

  • Driver’s license or non-driver ID from another US state
  • Valid non-US passport from signer’s country of citizenship
  • Employee ID card from any state, county, or city agency or office in CA
  • US military ID that contains all the required elements
  • ID card issues by a federally recognized tribal government
Yes, please fill out the document(s) completely with the exception of the client signatures and notarization section.
No, by law notaries cannot give any legal advice. Please make sure to chat with your attorney or other advisor if you have questions before the appointment.

Notarizing costs differ based on document type and quantity. Connect with Steve for a customized quote.

Yes, we take pride in providing documents back to you packaged in a simple, organized manner that allows each party to have their relevant documents signed, sealed and delivered.

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